Junsu's Birthday Video.

This video would be here till next year [before Jaejoong's birthday]. So view it, and comment it @ my youtube.
Junsu's birthday 2009 [Fanmade].

TVXQ Releasing BREAKOUT! in Japan

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TVXQ is scheduled to release a new single in Japan titled Break Out on January 27, 2010. This new single will be the main theme song of a new drama series by NHK titled 'Tomohane!(Let us jump together)! Suzusato High School, Calligraphy Club'.

Amazon Japan has updated their website with covers of both CD and CD+DVD versions of the single.

Credits to Allkpop.com for the news&pictures
Everyone please anticipate! :D

2009 Mania/Star

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First Ever 2009 Melon Awards
TVXQ has won 2 awards, 2009 Star and 2009 Mania with Hit song Mirotic!!
Congragulations to the boys!!!! :D

Source: allkpop.com

Yunho spotted at celebration

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Super Junior and SoShi at a barbeque restaurant celebrating the winning of both Daesang disk awards. The restaurant is located around Jiangnan District for an after party on the 10th December. During the party, SM representative Kim Young Min and TVXQ's Yunho came to congragulate them and joined in the fun.

It's nice to see Yunho taking time out to congragulate his friends despite his schedule. ^^

News: @sj-world.net

[INFO] 091214 Tohoshinki in Avex Rankings

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Source: avex
Credits: http://www.tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com/
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Xiahjunsu on Twitter!

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It's Time for #xiahjunsu on Twitter!

#xiahday was originally the chosen hash tag, but sadly, it was marked as spam by the Twitter staff.
It placed fifth this morning (KST), dropped to sixth, seventh, etc. before suddenly disappearing.
However, we shouldn't give up! This is one of the special things that international fans can do for
our favourite dolphin boy, so we should keep trying and trying. So...

At 9PM KST, we aim to get #xiahjunsu to top
the trending topics list.

But for us to successfully do this, we decided to give you guys a careful set of instructions for us
to carry this out smoothly. Please do read on so this task could be accomplished smoothly ♥
Let's do this!

Instructions and General Guidelines That You MUST Do and Follow:

01; Convert 9PM KST to your time zone here: http://www.timezoneconverter.com
You can also check the current time in Seoul, S. Korea right here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=235

02; Only ONE hash-tag per tweet!
We know it's also Junho's (♥) birthday, but sadly, you can't put both #xiahjunsu and #kimjunho in one tweet because it will NOT BE COUNTED.

Good tweet:
Happy birthday, Junsu! *happy happy happy* #xiahjunsu
Happy birthday to the other gorgeous Kim twin, Junho! #kimjunho

Bad tweet:
Happy birthday to the both of you! #xiahjunsu #kimjunho --> Will not be considered by Twitter ):

03; DO NOT SPAM! Your tweet should not (I repeat, SHOULD NOT) look like this:
#xiahjunsu #xiahjunsu #xiahjunsu #xiahjunsu #xiahjunsu
#kimjunho #kimjunho #kimjunho #kimjunho #kimjunho
#xiahjunsu #kimjunho #xiahjunsu #kimjunho #xiahjunsu #kimjunho

The way trending topics work is for a mass amount of people to tweet the same hash-tag at the same time. If you start doing it earlier than the designated time ... it'll be pointless and it will not make trending topics, which is what we want!

05; It isn't the number of tweets, BUT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE TWEETING.
The more people we have doing this, the more successful it will be!
You might want to force/ask/ even begging your friend, followers, etc to type #xiahday ONCE per tweet! (Don't forget to say Thanks when they did :D)

06; UNLOCK YOUR ACCOUNT during trending time!
It will not show up in trending topics if your account is set to private! Just unlock it for the time being and as soon as you are done tweeting for the day/night, you can reset it to private.

07; ALL tweets MUST be related to Junsu (or Junho), otherwise, it will be marked as spam too =_=;

08. Do NOT place lone hash-tags on your tweet. It won't be counted either!

Good tweet:
#xiahjunsu Birthday boy! <33
Also a birthday boy! #kimjunho

Bad tweet:
#xiahjunsu <--- Typing only this

Please spread the word quickly ♥

Melon Awards.

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Melon Award result is OUT!!! (^o^)

온라인 투표가 종료되었습니다. 12월 16일 시상식에서 결과가 발표됩니다.

Online voting has been ended. The result will be announced on December 16th.

2009 Mania



2009 Star


Source: HEROTIC@wordpress
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[TRANS] 091215 NHK MJ Xmas Love Song Special

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Reduced: 80% of original size [ 640 x 165 ] - Click to view full image

ON AIR from 11:40pm, December 20 (Sun)!

MUSIC JAPAN this week is the Xmas Love Song Special!

Ai “Story”
HY “366 days” “Rail”
Ai Otsuka “Amaenbo ~Wedding~”
Eric Martin “Itsukano Merry Christmas”
Salyu “Halfway”
Tohoshinki “Stand by U”
May’n “Diamond Crevasse”
Remioromen “Konayuki”

T/N: This program was recorded on December 3. Please click
for details.

Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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